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Welcoming all Scouts &
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The 2015 Exchange is CLOSED for sign ups. The exchange will end Feb 16 2015

Please join us as we come together to celebrate the birthdays of both Lord Baden-Powell and Lady Baden-Powell, February 22nd. Scouts and Guides all over the world celebrate this day in international friendship and world peace. This project was designed to help  Scouts and Guides around the world learn about their brothers and sisters in scouting. In this project you will exchange postcards with other troops and units to learn more about them and what they do.

For over 13 years, this exchange has been helping leaders & troops/packs/units from around the world to exchange postcards with each other prior to Thinking Day. Each year we strive to make it the biggest and best exchange ever! 

This year the Exchange will run from November to February! To get your troop on the list of participants please SIGN UP NOW!

We use the password protected portal to host the emails of all members.  Once you join us we will send you the information you need to get started on the exchange.  All the Rules, How Tos and Frequently Asked Questions are available here for you here on the website. 
International Thinking Day Postcard Exchange 2013 Patch
You make exchange agreements with other leaders until you have reached your limit.  Once you have reached your limit please contact your State or Country's Moderator listed on the Contact Page and we will take your email address off of the website so you won't be contacted anymore.

We also offer patches for this event.  Don't wait until the last minute to order patches!  

Yours In Scouting,

Jan McKinney
Moderator, TDPostcardExchange

Quick Facts

  • This year the Exchange ends February 1st
  • Sign Ups began Mid October
  • We use NO LONGER the Yahoo Groups
  • You make exchange agreements with other leaders for postcards until you have reached your limit
  • You send your postcards and receive your exchanges
  • Patches for this project are available

Previous Participation

  • 2013
    1580 US Troops
    319 International Units from 36 countries
  • 2012
    1323 US Troops
    328 International Units from 34 countries
  • 2011
    2040 US Troops
    401 International Units from 30 countries
  • 2010
    1925 US Troops
    490 International Units from 45 countries
  • 2009
    2950 US Troops
    937 International Units from 50 countries
  • 2008
    2961 US Troops
    1057 International Units from 50 countries
  • 2007
    3145 US Troops
    675 International Units from 43 countries
  • 2006
    2458 US Troops
    445 International Units from 38 countries
  • 2005
    2399 US Troops
    438 International Units from 29 countries
  • 2004
    2443 US Troops
    422 International Units from 31 countries




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