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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
When do we start swapping? The exchange opens in October and is underway until February.    top

How do I list my name on the database so that people can find me? Use First Name, Last Name. The sign up form above, asks for all the information needed from you. You will be listed in your category (State or Country) alphabetically by first name.    top

What category do I sign up for? USA, Canada, or International?
Where do you live? that is the answer.  If you are a US troop in France, then Europe/France is where you are listed.  Puerto Rican troops should sign up as International and will be listed in the category of "Caribbean, Central and South America".  If you sign up for the wrong category (like a California troop signing up in International) your troop info will probably not be added to the database and you will not receive an invitation.   top

How do I look for trades?
To locate troops to trade with, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TDPostcardExchange/. When the next page comes up, click on "Database" (which is in the left column). When that page comes up it will be a list of the states and countries interested in trading. Choose the area you want to ask and click on it. You will then get a list of the troops/units from that state/country to invite to trade.

After selecting who you want to invite, send them an email asking the if they'd like to trade with your girls. Do NOT send them your address until they have responded to you. I usually tell those I ask to send me their address if they'd like to trade and I'll send them ours.

You trade one postcard per troop/unit, not one per girl. You should keep a record of the email address, troop/unit number or name, and mailing information. I also keep track of when I receive a postcard and when I send ours out. I do not, however, stress over postcards I do not receive. You never know what's going one in someone else’s world that could have caused them problems in mailing the postcards.    top

I need help or to list myself as no more trades? A moderator has been assigned to work with your state or country.  Please locate your moderator on the Contact Page and make sure to always list your state or country in the subject line of your email along with "Postcard Exchange".   top

Postcard Exchange - need help from FL 
Postcard Exchange - No More Trades - Singapore - Unit "name here"
Postcard Exchange - No More Trades - NY - Troop "####"
Postcard Exchange - Ohio email bouncing

I have requested no more trades and I am still getting emails? Make sure you have sent your request to the right moderator and/or have listed your request correctly in the subject line.  There are so many troops/units and if an email doesn't specify where you are from, it may end up in limbo.   top

Postcard Exchange - No More Trades - NY - Troop "####"

Trouble with Forms?

Are you having difficulty with this site or filling out the forms?  If you are, please email your information to the moderator listed on the Contact Page.    top

Contact your State or Country's Moderator listed on the Contact Page with the information below. Include also a brief explanation of the problem you were having on the site.

US Troops

  • Leader Name

  • Council Name

  • Troop Level and Number (i.e. Brownie 1138 or Juliette) or Boy Scout/Cub Scout Pack and Your Unit Number

  • Email Address

  • Leader Mailing Address, City, State, Zip

  • How many people will be participating from your group

  • How many years will you have participated (1 = 1st year)

Canada and other International Units

  • Leader Name

  • Unit Name and/or Number

  • Age Level (i.e. 7 to 10)

  • Leader/Unit Email Address

  • Country 

  • County (IF UK units) 

  • Leader mailing address

  • District, County, Province and/or Area Name with Postal Code if applicable

  • How many people will be participating from your group

  • How many years will you have participated (1 = 1st year)

You can also contact Kim webmaster for this site.    top

I signed up here, what's next? You will receive an invitation to join the Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TDPostcardExchange/  (You need a FREE Yahoo account to access the group).  Say yes to the invitation and go to the "Database" to find the categories of States and Countries.  FIRST THING:  Please check your category and locate your troop/unit.  Make sure all the information is correct, especially the email address.  top

I signed up here, but why am I not listed yet? This project is run by volunteers.  There may be a few days lag time from when you sign up to when you receive an invitation to join the group. You can contact the moderator for your state or country here.  You also want to make your sure we have the correct email address (sometimes they get typed incorrectly and invites and requests bounce back as undeliverable).  Also make sure that your email address is accessible (it is generally worth the effort to get an email just for the exchange through yahoo).   top

Where is the Yahoo groups listed? The yahoo group site is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TDPostcardExchange/  Make sure that you are using the yahoo ID that you set up for this exchange to log-in.    top

Can't find the postcard exchange in your Yahoo Groups?
Here are the steps to take to find the group.

Log into Yahoo with your Yahoo ID. This ID must be linked to the email address you are using in the exchange. If you are using your regular email address, go to your Yahoo account and add your regular email address as an 'alternative email', then flag it as the primary email. All emails will now come to your personal email instead of to the yahoo email address.

If you don't see the group listed in "My Groups" then look for the link that says something like "can't find all your groups?"  Click on that and it will instruct you how to find the group. If you are still having problems please email me, Jan, your Yahoo ID and password and I can check it out for you.    top

Are we allowed to use a photo of the girls on the postcard if we have parental consent? Yes, an example is posted at HOW TO - Examples.    top

What kind of postcards do we send, what do we write? There are extensive examples of postcards and what to tell about your troop/unit posted at HOW TO - Examples.    top

Here are the directions on how to change your yahoo id to allow direct adds

This is for any email address. It will bring up a list of any email address that you have associated with that yahoo id.

  1. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/ and log in
  2. Click on Manage next to My Groups
  3. Click on Go to My Email Preferences
  4. In the Options column, click on Edit next to the e-mail address you want to allow to accept Direct Adds.
  5. Under Group Invitations, put a check in the box next to: "Allow group moderators to directly add me to their groups."
  6. Click on Save Changes

Reasons Bouncing Emails .... Messages can be returned for several reasons:
  • Your mailbox may be full -- try deleting messages from your Inbox.
  • Your ISP may have a backlog of email to process -- contact your ISP.
  • Your ISP may be blocking email from Yahoo! Groups -- contact your ISP.


Units in Australia will be on school Spring Break in early October - in most Australian states this will be until mid October.  Many units will not be meeting.  Response times may be affected.



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